Pixel Art Creator!
DynamicSquid (2682)

Hey guys! I made a pixel art creator! It allows you to create stunning pixel art! How stunning? Well I drew @amasad

Feel free to make this your pfp

Well that's cool! Who else can you draw with this?


Now, I don't know about you guys, but I'm using that.







I really like how the black contrasts with the black in that picture.






99% of repl.it users:

Random Scenery:

And my favourite:

Name: Polar Bear in Antarctica
Price Tag: $12 million

And yeah, that's about it. Everyone else is too hard to draw...

Select a colour and click a pixel to colour it. Click and drag also works. Hit c twice to clear the page. If you want to colour without distractions, hit SPACE to switch between modes. Oh, also, click the right mouse button to fill.

Post your work here!

Enjoy :)

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aguy11 (108)

Cool! It actually would be a LOT cooler if it would draw your pic by itself. Here's how I think it would work:
Step 1: Grab the RGB values of each of the colors
Step 2: Divide the number of pixels you have in your pic (or each side) by 25, (The grid's 25 by 25, right?), so to create a combination of a bunch of pixels.
Step 3: Grab the values of each of the pixels in the groups
Step 4: Find the average value per new pixel, so to create the right-sized pic
Step 5: Subtract each of the pixel RGB amounts somewhat like this:
Example new pixel RGB value: 151, 232, 227 Now subtracting the red RGB value:
255, 0, 0
255 - 151 = 101
232 - 0 = 232
227 - 0 = 227
232 + 227 + 101 = 560

The less the ending value, the higher the chance it will be that color. You do this for every color and every pixel, eventually getting the right color for each pixel, and then putting it on the board!

Let me know if this is possible or not.

DynamicSquid (2682)

@aguy11 like, you mean just create a array of grid coordinates and grid colours? that should be pretty simple

aguy11 (108)

@DynamicSquid Yes, somewhat like that. And it can also be a game where to see each new pixel you must hit enter, and then have the screen flash to white and back and have to click the new pixel in order to be able to get another one. That way it's more fun.

DynamicSquid (2682)

@aguy11 oh nice idea! I'll see what I can do

aguy11 (108)

@DynamicSquid No problem. Hopefully, it works.