Cool Loading Bar (PYTHON)
IreoluwaRaufu (153)

This Python code runs a cool looking loading bar in the console. It has no purpose though, except for looking cool and wasting your time. Enjoy!

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Zexogon (641)

If you import from replit import clear
Then you can just use clear() to clear the terminal

IreoluwaRaufu (153)

@Zexogon Oh, that's cool I didn't know had their own module! I'll do that in other projects

Zexogon (641)

@IreoluwaRaufu yea ikr extremly convienient

JordanDixon1 (249)

@Zexogon You could also:

import os
os.system('clear') #on linux
os.system('cls') #on windows
Zexogon (641)

@JordanDixon1 if you want the fastest way you could always create the function with

def cls():