pi calculater
Name12 (156)

this is a follow up of the Fibonacci calculator. it is just a useful little program that I developed. io hope you guys like it. please leave an upvote if you do. thanks.

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VulcanWM (2232)

Cool! Maybe you should do something like, How many digits of Pi do you wan to output? (It has to be bigger than 1), cos on my first attempt I tried 0, I know, I'm different to normal people that way, and it showed an error.

Name12 (156)

@VulcanWM alright, I did what you said.

AustinZhang1 (64)

@Name12 You should also use
if i < 1:
print('Invalid Input')

VulcanWM (2232)

Or you could use try and except @AustinZhang1 @Name12