Canvas Piano
mwilki7 (1105)

The virtual piano app has a number of problems that makes playing difficult.
• Lack of sustain (wind and string instruments are useless)
• Lack of customizable keys
• Lacks a transpose button
• High input lag

So I decided to make my own that fills in these missing features.

Warning: Make sure you select the canvas before attempting to play

If you want to modify a key, right click a key on the app and the Key Modifier section should be populated automatically.

On the page should be sheet music for you to test it out.
Feel free to paste over the existing sheets if you already have some.

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fuzzyastrocat (788)

Cool! One thing: how do you make the sheet music play?

mwilki7 (1105)

You have to press the keys it tells you to in order to hear the music

fuzzyastrocat (788)

@mwilki7 Ah, ok. It would be cool to make an autoplay feature!

Great work!