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BenjaminNamika1 (24)

Finished project over 500 lines!

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katyadee (1172)

Cool! What's the story behind this?

BenjaminNamika1 (24)

@katyadee umm...
I originally made this when I wanted to code with someone because my brother didn't like to code and i was getting frustrated. I had worked on this project for a little less than a month when i started to abandon the project. A couple of weeks later I began coding a curse word filter when I found it to be fun working on it. I finished the filter and then forgot about the project until now...

BenjaminNamika1 (24)

@katyadee other than that i don't relay know what to tell you... sorry i didn't write a huge essay like the fishing game or something. Maybe i will do that for the space invaders game i am making...