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CoronaStream: A movie, tv show, and video streaming website.
AgastyaSandhuja (148)

ok just saying, the attached repl is just empty

We're all stuck at home because of the Coronavirus. We all are relying on screens, Netflix, and Disney+. Well, I REGISTERED a company (to the U.S and all) and managed to ask Netflix to buy it (for $100). So now, CoronaShare is a sub-company of Netflix. To the point of how it works, it's free, and you can watch everything normally on Netflix, as well as post videos as if it was youtube. All the legal stuff was my parents, so I'm not going to get into that.

PLEASE PLEASE open in a new window/tab and make it fullscreen because I did bad styling (I whipped up the start page in 3 minutes bc I spent most of the time on the actual platform)

Heres the link:
Have fun

Iliya456 (3)

Its ain't april fool's no more

AgastyaSandhuja (148)

@Iliya456 I posted this 25 days ago can't you see.

Iliya456 (3)

@AgastyaSandhuja Just to make it clear is this a joke or a real streaming site.

Iliya456 (3)

@AgastyaSandhuja OOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Iliya456 (3)

@AgastyaSandhuja Why would netflix buy coronastream if it is technically free netflix and disney+

AgastyaSandhuja (148)

that's also a joke plus, it's only $100 why not @Iliya456

Iliya456 (3)

When will it go back to normal

Codemonkey51 (834)

Hrmmm, I KNEW IT! Netflix announced they bought your company. Cool I will use this anytime I want free Netflix.

AgastyaSandhuja (148)

yep. Actually, there is going to be more music now since it is popular! lol @ike_fite

SpicedSpices (250)

This streaming site is amazing you should have sold it for at least twice as much

AgastyaSandhuja (148)

I did lol but are you saying even more?? thanks tho lol @SpicedSpices

KristaMadden28 (0)

I'm not clicking on that

Axrevyn (201)

I knew something was up when you said "subsidiary of Netflix." I hate my own naivete.
Good job. I was fooled.

YeetBoi3 (1)

me looking at this
"Better not get rickrolled"
I click on it
it says April fools
"don't do it"
"don't do it"
"don't do it"
"we're no strangers to love"
(gta 5 "wasted" plays)

Apollomindstorm (1)


avibeskrowni (132)

i binge-watched three episodes of the new rick astley show

PilotDevKarwa (2)

WHat song is this?

AgastyaSandhuja (148)

never gonna give you up by rick astley @PilotDevKarwa

JasamritRahala (0)

How do I add videos to my library, I want to watch them later

AgastyaSandhuja (148)

you hafta make an account! Then you can save them [email protected]

Dianau (0)

oh gosh im late to this but very funny lol

JoeyRueff (24)

I can't believe this is real!

nthli (0)

I don't see anything wrong with this. 10/10 would fund

TheMicrowamers (0)

Honestly, great design. I love the UI(with the exception of the start screen.). The selection is wide and has much variety, pleasing me thoroughly. Thank you.


oof april fools


The comments have saved me from this fate.

Iliya456 (3)

Why does it still say April's fool's.

AgastyaSandhuja (148)

bc it was april fools 5 days ago you already asked this @Iliya456

Iliya456 (3)

@AgastyaSandhuja But it is not april fools anymore.

Iliya456 (3)

All streaming sites are going to get bankrupt man

AgastyaSandhuja (148)

It's the opposite... everyone is streaming these days... the stocks are up for Google, Netflix, [email protected]

avibeskrowni (132)

woah you got me there

probably the best april fools joke i fell for that day

that fateful day

DynamicSquid (3224)

This is unrelated, but I once got confused between Rick Astley and Rick Perry. I remember thinking to myself, "Rick Perry used to be a signer?"

TurtleAndrew (45)

Man, so much content. Iv'e been on it for the last 700 hours. For real though, this would be a great idea for a repl.

Iliya456 (3)

Do you have to pay after the pandemic?