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Covid Site | Code JAM #9
blackcarter (19)


I did this with @ImMatt

This is my first time entering in a Code Jam, so sorry if it's not perfect. I actually got sick with COVID (really) during this week. So I was out of the game for 5 days unfortunately.

I created a site that shows information about covid in an easy to read and digest format. It's all clientside and webpacked so it's faster.

I had a lot of fun learning about React/Babel/REST APIs/JS since I barely used those in the front end. (I use node like it's python) So I had fun exploring with those.

Some things I would improve on is:

-I wanted to add an interface like 'Cleanse API'
-Adapt for mobile screens better. I didn't consider it until it was too late. My site works "mostly", but not the way I want to on mobile.

Anyways, I had fun and learned a lot, thank you team for this opportunity.

Update Mar 25

I won't change the code in the repl because that would be cheating, however it seems like the API that I use to grab the numbers on the graph are breaking. The broken dates are 3/9 on italy and the 24th of china. If you hover over those dates it will produce an error and wipe the page.

KobeFF (105)

Looks totally professional! ;)

KobeFF (105)

I can't believe you won!

KobeFF (105)

@blackcarter YOU WON 3RD PLACE AT THE JAM#9!

KobeFF (105)


nathanToday at 3:27 PM
Alright @everyone it's been a long week, but the results are in. It was very, very hard to determine the top 3 projects, because we had so many, high quality submissions. In fact, keep an eye for our Repl Talk post where we announce the winners and list our honorable mentions. With that said, here are the judge's top 3 submissions (Let us know if your project had other people helping, and we'll include them in the announcement)

#3 - @Safe with their Covid-19 website!
#2 - @H @Lilykhan with a coronavirus game!
#1 - @pot with their creative covid prevention website!

Thank you to everyone who participated, and winners, contact me for your rewards!(edited)

blackcarter (19)

I saw! It's super cool! @KobeFF

blackcarter (19)

Wow! Thanks for letting me know I saw in the discord a bit ago! @KobeFF

KobeFF (105)

@blackcarter One serving of $250 bucks and instant fame, coming right up!


Roar123 (124)

Beautiful web design!

AlephZero (301)

Nice website! It's really beautiful, great job!

blackcarter (19)

@AlephZero Thank you so much! I learned a lot about

SixBeeps (1309)

Uao, very nicely presented. I'm digging the interactive graphs.

blackcarter (19)

@SixBeeps Thanks haha. The graphs were a pain

lilykhan (4)

Simple and clean design, looks really nice! :D

blackcarter (19)

@SilentShadowBla Thank you so much! I worked really hard on it

MrHackman (18)


MrEconomical (1877)

changing the code isn't cheating! feel free to fix it

CodeABC123 (199)

Good, but in the middle of using it, everything goes white. Is it my browser, or is it your website?

blackcarter (19)

Hi @CodeABC123 ! What steps could I do to recreate your error?

Edit: if you hover over certain dates on the graphs the page will break, the API it's grabbing from probably changed something. There's nothing I can do right now as this is a codejam submission but thank you for reporting, the rest of the page as well as the graphs should work, hovering over suspicious dates/lines will break the page however.

CodeABC123 (199)

I was just using it, and it suddenly happened. I don’t remember when it happened. @blackcarter

UncleSamIs234 (1)

Love the site looks simple and great!