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Covid19 Daily Follow up JAM #9
pcmiguel (0)

It's known that the traditional communication channel (phone) collapsed in all countries with the huge number of calls for help.
People give up calling and simply either stay without proper diagnostic/help or decide to go to the hospitals on their own causing the spread of the virus.

Objective of this development:
This development is to help the combat against covid19, in particular for improving the communication between the population and the Health Care organizations/professionals in each country.

What is the Process:

First and key rule is for everyone to stay home
If people feel one or combination of the symptoms, they should call the "Health Line" available in each country/region
During this call the first diagnostic is done and one of two things will happen: 1)people will have to go to the hospital and a proper transport will be organized; 2)people are told to stay at home and a proper follow up/observation will take place going forward. An ID will be given by the Heath Care professional to each person that stays at home in observation.
My "app" will be used exactly for this follow up. Meaning:

  • My "app" will allow daily communication between Heath Care Professionals and people at home under observation measures
  • The communication via "app" will be done twice per day, in the morning and evening.
  • The data resulting from the communication is managed by the Heath Care Professionals.
  • The Heath Care Professionals will have an ID to access the administrative panel. They will have access to a dashboard, they will also be able to create a new patient (that will generate a new ID) and view the details of all patients under observation.


This "app" should allow a smoother and meaningful communication with the population that is at home under observation.
Consequently, the telephone lines will improve and there will be space for necessary/urgent calls between population and Health Care Professionals.
This "app" is relatively easy to adapt and implement in each country/region with immediate impact.
I suggest that implementation is done in phases, meaning to select a group of people to trial during couple days and then spread the use.

IMPORTANT: My Project in the repl repository and is only working in terms of front end, because repl repository does not allow external connections. To see the project working fully you can access this link:

Patient ID -> 676789
Heath Care Professional -> 161616
These IDs will work on repl repository too.

I really hope this helps and inspires people to communicate better
Miguel Amaro
(Computer Engineer student @Lisbon Portugal)