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CodeSalvageON (591)

I made a crappy ascii tv. You can 'watch' the news on it.

RadinGeekPython (7)

You should make it when it detects an error, it takes you back into the menu screen.

AgastyaSandhuja (164)

awesome! I have 0.5 seconds to read the news! This will surely increase my speed!

HerculukeZeEpic (190)

"None" I thought this was a cool idea, even if it didn't work...

CodeSalvageON (591)

@HerculukeZeEpic Wait after a couple of those. It'll show some stuff after that.

jeremykyleisgod (45)

all i see is the word potato mountain babies and brazils third highest

jeremykyleisgod (45)

also i would of tried to put the word corona in the tv cos that is all the news says

jeremykyleisgod (45)

what the heck does installing beautifulsoup4 do