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Crash your computer
HackermonDev (1990)

Ever wanted to crash firefox or whatever browser you use? Well, here is a chance. Running this repo on will probably crash your browser and running it on your computer (by downloading it on your computer) will probably crash your computer. Make sure to upvote this post.

BhoomTansirimas (6)

i = 1
while True:
i += 1

Purple01Flame (30)

...just use
while True:
| print(i, 'done')

HackermonDev (1990)

@Purple01Flame yes i know. And you forgot to upvote

Purple01Flame (30)

@PDanielY I did upvote lol. After I restarted my computer.

poetaetoes (293)

i ran it fullscreen, did not crash,

poetaetoes (293)

i don't get it. it is working like a normal repl, not crashing my computer

FlamingNar10 (1)

This will probably not crash anything if you don't have a PC from the 1700s. Most CPU's nowadays have more than 1 core with at least 2 threads which makes it very unlikely to even slow your PC or browser down let alone crash it. Unless you have something intensive linked to an infinite loop (maybe simulating raytracing in JS without the use of a compute shader or something) the loop most likely will not slow down the CPU at all.

carxspeed (5)

i got to a million,then i got bored because it didnt crash my chromebook

MrEconomical (2282)

great program! amazing job!

duck132912 (196)

When is the part where my computer crashes?

techgeek680 (76)

I'm gonna send it to my friend. I'm also using a school computer and I have at least 20 tabs of unsaved work open, I'll save that for my home computer. Except that I don't want to crash my home computer because it has at least 10 tabs of unsaved work open, so I'll just watch my friend's computer crash. :-D😉😁😝😂😅

BrandonKeele (32)

it still doesnt crash with fullscreen

BrandonKeele (32)

how is this supposed to crash your computer? it doesnt evenn lag my SCHOOL laptop?

PowerCoder (734)

Doesn't crash your computer because our computer's are just to dang good.
But still, good job (: .

UncleSamIs234 (1)

It dident work on my cromebook but still nice job!!!

avast420 (0)

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:\Users\avast\Downloads\", line 1, in <module>
import again
File "C:\Users\avast\Downloads\", line 1, in <module>
OverflowError: range() result has too many items


HackermonDev (1990)

@avast420 Lmao. Didn't know it did that

TimeTraveler (0)

Hit something something something with many numbers, got bored and left because I had work to do, my 10 year old laptop somehow survived.

Intellorg (1)

Well done. I did this to my school computer and my teacher got so mad.

Nettakrim (392)

0/10 didnt crash my gaming pc

SixBeeps (4744)

Nine, Nine, Nine, Nine, oh, and did I mention nine?

me002 (7)

i = 0
while True:
i += 1
print(iii**i, "COMPLETED")

hg0428 (184)

It did not crash my browser (safari).

Me54321 (10)

To have this program not crash your computer,you must have a fast computer or browser


My computer didn’t crash! Yay!

AdCharity (1360)

I don't understand why repl doesn't protect against near infinite loops :/

PokemonCoder (3)

lol it works on safari


Not for me! @PokemonCoder

DerpDerp4 (0)

My 16 gigs are not ready for 30 of these running at once

usfun (0)

Oh I like doing that

Vandesm14 (2617)

Pretty cool. You can easily use a while true though.