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Creative Challenge to anyone who knows basic Python
AlexTerm (14)

Alright. So in this link you will find I manage to print Hello World in 65 lines! Challenge: Who can print Hello World in the most creative way possible??


1.Cannot use comments and time.sleep etc. to expand.
2. Not allowed to find loopholes.

timmy_i_chen (1003)

I love these types of challenges! Here's one I made a while ago - the code isn't that long, but the runtime is ;)

AlexTerm (14)

@timmy_i_chen That was cool! It even crashed for me! :D

ash15khng (472)

@timmy_i_chen I like the effect, kind of feels like those slot machine things.

TrevorBarron (23)

great challenge! here's what I came up with.. hope it counts.
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