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Go to Crowdcam.Online at

Crowdcam.Online is a website that crowd-sources loads of public security camera feeds onto one page, giving viewers the optimal, efficient experience.

Crowdcam.Online’s main purpose is to provide a cheap, yet profitable way to monitor security cameras. Instead of paying for an expensive video recorder, or an expensive monitoring service, the world is the DVR.

All security camera demo feeds were obtained from If you do not agree with's goal, please comment on the Insecam website. Do NOT use this chat as a method of criticizing other websites and their goals. Also, do not use harsh language to criticize other websites directly. If you get in trouble by the owners of the websites, I am not responsible.

(Also, do not use harsh language in the chat if you have any concerns or criticisms with Crowdcam.Online. I would love to hear your feedback.)

Visit the "View the top paid cameras" page! ;)

(I am working on this for a school innovation competition.)
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