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Crude, Vulgar, Really Should Be Condemned 'Social Media' site
CodeSalvageON (559)

I made this for me and my friends, and over the months, it kinda got destroyed. Please upvote!

AlexanderChang2 (9)

nice, ive never seen one with a google docs embedded into it lol

aswinvk28 (0)

this is an amazing technology

Zavexeon (1041)

@amasad I might have to delete this for advertising, XD.

PDanielY (1060)

@Zavexeon lol, when I saw this I thought that too

AdCharity (1307)

Um is this acutal work or just a ton of iframes? fyi I would change the css a little to get rid of the iframe borders and max the width.

CodeSalvageON (559)

@AdCharity a bit of both. Halfway through I got really lazy but thanks for the advice

AdCharity (1307)

@CodeSalvageON yeah I can kinda see that... It's still pretty "ingenious" (seriously no sarcasm - don't do more work than you have to XD). I wouldn't go as far as to call it social media, i'd say its more like a dm system.

AdCharity (1307)

@CodeSalvageON Hey if you are still interested in making a chat room, there is a free javascript api called scale drone. You can make a super easy chat room. See:
If you want to make names instead of randomized ones, you can contact me :D

CodeSalvageON (559)

@AdCharity Holy crap, just clicked on some of your projects and you have a lot of experience with this stuff

AdCharity (1307)

@CodeSalvageON Nah. I'm a highschool freshman and started reading about this stuff last year :)

AdCharity (1307)

@CodeSalvageON btw I've locked most of my current projects as private cause some idiot looked at my projects and posted one of them under a different name. Honestly I'm open source but seriously :| Anyway, happy programming! (I would ask for discord but....)

CodeSalvageON (559)

@AdCharity oof, someone reposted your projects? they should at least give you credit. At least you have the satisfaction of knowing you are a better programmer than them.

SixBeeps (2864)

What did I just look at

amasad (2514)

Lol, what is this exactly? Can you explain?

CodeSalvageON (559)

@amasad its a stupid 'social media' site made by me for my friends

CodeSalvageON (559)

@amasad well you see it has a bunch of stuff, and I was so lazy after I made a chat room from the chat room tutorial that I just embedded google documents

AdCharity (1307)

@amasad Ngl I think you are so good at programming that you could probably recreate the whole thing without looking at the source code