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Cube Timer (Sneak Peek)
Coder100 (6251)

Cube Timer

@JDOG787 and I was going to make a cube timer, but we had too much homework and forgot about it. Well, now we are going to work on it again! Here's a little SNEAK PEEK to show you whats going to happen! Enjoy!!


Give suggestions to what you want to see!

Have a great day!

Bookie0 (3622)

Cool! You should add colors, to make it nicer :)

HahaYes (1173)

@Coder100 hmmm I will try to make this in js

Coder100 (6251)

LOL making it in JS would be easy, but in python.., not so [email protected]

JDOG787 (216)

@HahaYes we are making a website

CodeLongAndPros (1239)

I would use getch() rather than input.

from getch import getch

CodeLongAndPros (1239)

@Coder100 Because hitting enter is hard when you wack the spacebar.

CodeLongAndPros (1239)

@Coder100 Can you please ~~~ that statment?

HahaYes (1173)

my best 3 by 3 average is like 7 secs and my best single is like 5.8 or 5.7

HahaYes (1173)

hmmm I must beat him to this