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sugarfi (152)

This is a small space shooter game I made, Cublast. It is basically colorful asteroids. You have a little spaceship, and you must fly around and shoot enemies. The enemies, however, drift towards you. There is no real health or damage system, but it is still a fun game to waste time. To play, use the left and right arrow keys to turn, the up arrow to go forward, and space to shoot bullets. Have fun blasting shapes!

LiamDonohue (68)

lol why did you remove the css file

sugarfi (152)

@LiamDonohue I don't need it. The only element is the canvas, and the styling for that fits in a <style> element.

TaylorLiang (634)

this is cool. Somewhat reminds me of N-Gon

AHulot (21)

This is great! If you add a health and damage system that would be cool, I don't know how to make anything like this :)

sugarfi (152)

@AHulot that is a good idea, and i might. however, it is pretty fun to not be able to lose, isn't it?

SilentShadowBla (86)

@sugarfi Maybe make it so u can do like infinite mode and one with health

sugarfi (152)

@SilentShadowBla ok, i will add that when I get around to updating this.