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Cumulus Clouds
Pillarofof (10)

This is my first... Website? Please don't judge, I'm a beginner.

VincentCourtney (1)

Nice job! You did excellently at this.

TurtleAndrew (40)

Nice. If you want I can teach you how to make a solid color background.

Imthebestthe (4)

@TurtleAndrew can u tech me as well? im nt the best at html.

TurtleAndrew (40)

@Imthebestthe Ok, I'll be open in a little bit. I'm not the best too but know how to make a background of a solid color.

Pillarofof (10)

Thanks, but I know how to do that. Do you know how to make an image background?


OK first of all thank you for the information. And second of all well done!

Nuggett (1)

Thank You for that info, but how did you get that [email protected]

Pillarofof (10)

When I tried that, it still showed a little picture icon. What do I do? Edit: Nevermind, I figured it out.

SeanXiao (0)

Nice for a beginner!


You did pretty well for a beginner! Mine was horrible (and I can’t show you it because it’s deleted)


@CodeABC123 well that is how every beginner is.