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Custom Meme Generator!
tussiez (784)

Meme Generator

This Meme Generator lets you.. generate memes.
I wrote this in JavaScript and my SortaCanvas library.

You can position the text, mess with the color, change the font, and, of course, set the text in the meme!

How to use

First, you'll need to copy an image. This can be done with Ctrl+C or Command+C, if you are using a Mac.

Now, you can navigate to the meme generator, and paste with Ctrl+V or Command+V.
The page now displays a preview of the meme with some options. These aren't very complex and are explained here.

When you're ready, press "Download!" to save your image.
Upon clicking the button, you'll be presented with a prompt asking you what you would like to set your image's filename to.

Your meme will be saved in your Downloads folder.


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JBloves27 (1516)

np! er, i only see a blank screen when i open it up xd @tussiez

JBloves27 (1516)

Edit: nvm, i see it now @tussiez

tussiez (784)

@JBYT27 There's an animation that should play..
I'm writing code in the SortaCanvas library, so it might be broken for the tme being :)

RhinoRunner (623)

I cant paste the image

tussiez (784)

@RhinoRunner Hmmm.. what are you copying the image from?
Some of them don't work

BTW use the keyboard shortcut, right click menu doesn't appear to work :/

RhinoRunner (623)

@tussiez yep im using ctrl + v
also im getting them from google

tussiez (784)

@RhinoRunner I've seen this happen before -
A. try reloading
B. Try a different picture (e.g your profile pic)

RhinoRunner (623)

@tussiez It works. Have you seen my meme post?

RhinoRunner (623)

@tussiez The cool thing is I can press ctrl + u to see the source code