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RohilPatel (640)

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Hi, I decided to make this project because I had tried to look it up when I was like, really bad at NodeJs (I'm not saying I'm any good now), and I saw my friend had a counter that seemed to have worked, and it did. I wanted to make one, and I looked it up. Nothing came upon use, so I started experimenting, and then @AdCharity came and helped me out with it. Then it finally made sense, and I just wasn't thinking properly. I figured out how to do that, and then I made a clicker a few weeks later. It was a one, and every time I restarted the server, it would all disappear. Then @Vandesm14 showed me his Voting Clicker (nice job btw), and he taught me the file system. Then I made the clicker and it worked. Now today, I thought about those days where I didn't know how to do it, and I want to help you because there isn't much on the internet to explain it well, so here it is! Hopefully you enjoy this project, and use it as a reference until you understand it.... if there are any newbies to nodejs like me out there ;).

Upvote if you would add such a counter to your project, I want to survey you! If you don't want to, explain why in the comments!

Coder100 (1256)

Oh come on
We could just make post requests forever :( and the tracker would count those bots :p

MrEconomical (1920)

another RohilPatel project, another thing I can bot ;)

RohilPatel (640)

Haha lol! Have fun doing it! Soon you should teach me how to do it! @MrEconomical

SilentShadowBla (500)

This is actually pretty cool... lmao

JadenGarcia (14)

I'm setting this up for my own purposes asap.

LiamDonohue (203)

my reason for using this: for tracking metrics

Coder100 (1256)

How do you teach people code without comments jesus

RohilPatel (640)

No, it's not. Just a friend. @AdCharity

AdCharity (1113)

@RohilPatel you can see my suspicions

RohilPatel (640)

I know you can, but it isn't mine this time

AdCharity (1113)

@RohilPatel tell him to start coding lmao

RohilPatel (640)

He uses VSC. You can contact him on discord. @AdCharity

AdCharity (1113)

@RohilPatel this is when you realize that use VSC styles because it is based on Monaco