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DA ULTIMATE Corona VIBES Calculator
Bookie0 (3285)

Follow the pretty simple instructions, and you shall find out your vibe.
Thanks for commenting, tips, etc. And REMEMBER, Upvoting is Caring!!! 😊 😃

And keep vibin’
Edit: thanks for the 6 upvotes! XD

DannyIsCoding (523)

@Bookie0 Thanks for liking my comment. On my way to 100 cycles.
I really like this program. Maybe a little to much :)

Bookie0 (3285)

Ok cool! Good luck for 100 cycles, and keep vibin’ [email protected]

DannyIsCoding (523)

@Bookie0 Thanks! You too. I wanna do a 100 cycles special, that's why I'm so hyped to getting there.

Bookie0 (3285)

Ok cool! Looking forward to it. (If u have a party, invite me plz!) [email protected]

DannyIsCoding (523)

@Bookie0 I'll announce you when it's done. I want the code to be secret. I'll put the code in the repl only when I hit the goal. Until then I do the code in another place.

DannyIsCoding (523)

@Bookie0 You can entertain yoursef with this:

It's my pirate name generator. :D