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jesscookie (5)

This is a simple, couple minutes of queer interactive fiction about.... well, talking to a demon. My first assignment for an introductory computer science course, and the first thing I've coded myself. I've cleaned it up and made it a little more user-friendly since I handed it in for class, just for sharing. Done in Python3.

Type in answers when prompted. There's a little bit of branching, and some randomized responses. Please enjoy it :)

amasad (1258)

This cracked me up 😂😂😂

"Took a while for your friends to get used to your new, massive, buff demon babe girlfriend who has the power to destroy the world at will, but it's all good now. That just means she can deadlift you without breaking a sweat."

timmy_i_chen (939)

I enjoyed this :)

That example though...