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DJ Music Plex TurnTable and Mix System🎧
Coding1000 (6)

This interactive DJ Mixing System was created to introduce "old school" music mixing to a new generation - get ready for an awesome experience of creating different styles and sounds of music!

Hover over or click music circle = scratch
Click colored square buttons = play a song
Click small circle buttons = sound effects
Click control bars = play guitar or drum effect
Move the center slider = volume

Family Affair: Recorded by Mary J. Blige
Flashlight: Recorded by Parliament
More Bounce to the Ounce: Recorded by Zapp & Roger
Old Town Road: Recorded by by Lil Nax X and Billy Ray Cyrus
Rappers Delight: Recorded by the Sugar Hill Gang
Rockit: Recorded by Herbie Hancock
This Is How We Do It: Recorded by Montel Jordan
U Can't Touch This: Recorded by MC Hammer


NikilSriram234 (0)

Awesome Boi! Love the Music