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DOOM for the browser
JacobRogers (47)

This is Doom(1993) for the browser, made possible by an emscripten build of DOSBox at . It is free to play. If id Software finds out, you will pay.


It gave me a trojan

Dante_Morrison (1)

cool game, just how do you change the controls?

JamesGregory2 (1)

Im disappointed, all I wanted to do was play doom, but i couldnt do that. I hope you know you have hurt the feelings of a 15 year old boy.;-;

JacobRogers (47)

You can! just click the link that says "Click To Start"

michaelforPOTUS (0)

Downloading js-dos
TypeError: this.module._malloc is not a function

michaelforPOTUS (0)

what type of black magic did you use to make this

RobertFurr (43)

You have done what I have failed to do

DreamLogic (0)

Also, what molecule is your profile? Really interested in Chemistry...


its fun, but too laggy