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D&d stat rolling with python 3
Juice99 (6)

I made this for a fun little project. I don't expect it to get used for its purpose but if you have any suggestions for features I could add that would be very much appreciated.

Highwayman (1439)

Ask for their race and add the necessary bonuses to your rolls

Juice99 (6)

@Highwayman I was considering doing this but I'd need a way of letting the user assigning the stats and for choosing which row, column or diagonal they want in the 3*36 method and I can't see a way of doing that that's user friendly.

Highwayman (1439)

@Juice99 hm. You could output something like

Pick 3 numbers:
Number 1> #
Number 2> #
Number 3> #

And then do whatever it is you have to do.

When I was making something like this, I just asked for the race and the class, and then max mined their character for that race and class.

Highwayman (1439)

@Juice99 oh wait sorry your doing that oops.

Highwayman (1439)

@Juice99 quick question, forgot to ask, what version? 2 3 4 5? 3.5?

Juice99 (6)

@Highwayman Well I play 5th but I'm not sure that the edition determines how you roll stats only class and racial bonuses.