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DarkNet - A Basic Python WIP game
DragDevStudios (6)

I started this as a joke, but as time went on, i started investing more time into it.

It is now a semi-complete game, where it kinda works.
Simply run it, make an account and run help to see what you can do.
More is added every day.

LoneAce (226)

Bro you can clear the screen by doing import replit in the beginning then doing replit.clear() when you want to clear. This is the most basic method that works anyway

DragDevStudios (6)

Ah, thanks! that will help a lot @LoneAce

theangryepicbanana (1636)

Please do not advertise any social media

Hdjensofjfnen (1)

Hmm... after "!NO REFUNDS!" is displayed in bold, the remainder of the terminal is displayed in bolded text. Not a major problem, though.

DragDevStudios (6)

Yea, i forgot to reset it after that. will fix. @Hdjensofjfnen