free shell accounts for developer's -- my biggest project
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many of you don't know me As I'm not a big part of repl talk ( Although i am on discord often ) a while back i had an idea "what happened to public access Unix/Linux systems" so i started searching the internet trying to find a good one
But all of the few that i found either seemed dead or out of date some of you might be wondering what I'm talking about just take a look at
After finding no really good option I decided to make a modern day system
And open it to the public i decided to call it failnet i decided to use as a staging ground for everything mainly the main website ( this project is open to the public
Some of you may wonder "what's the point of this "
The main point is to help people learn the Linux operating system with a whole community there to help and provide free access to a shell account via ssh , webhosting and a powerful remote workspace there are even plans to setup gopher hosting and email
some of you may see this as advertising well I would like you to know that I make nothing from this there are no ad's no form of revenue but the satisfaction from helping people and I am putting it here because is the type of community I want developer's of all experience levels all of which are extremely helpful and have the will to learn in other words the future of the internet
For more info I ask that you read thru our website
thank you for your time
-- cypher

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