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Dashboard Viewer Animation Thingy
eankeen (1391)

so i made a little micro kubernets dashboard (that's micro k8s, with a space, not MicroK8s.

it was originally supposed to be for the halloween challenge - the scary part being some skeleton or something popping up and taking a bunch of nodes offline or messing up pod health checks or liveliness / readiness probes or whatever. i also planed to add some scary music and sound effects, but i never got around to it

i kind of got a late start, so i was able to finish neither before the deadline nor my implementation, so ill just share what i have so far. concerning the actual data, of course its all hypothetical, and i didn't really aim to be realistic or correct.

hope you enjoy. best viewed on semi-wide screens. modern versions of firefox and chrome. safari / edge not tested

AllAwesome497 (353)

Cool! Any way you can implement something like this to my dashboard?