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CyanCoding (1378)
I built the DataCrypt as a file Encrypter and Decrypter (with the ability to use Password Protection). If you enjoy the program, please give it an upvote!

amjad123 (1)

This looks good, but I don't know how to get my file? Here's a screenshot of the log.

Maybe the program should be in project mode to see the encrypted file?

CyanCoding (1378)

@amjad-masad: I'm not sure why that didn't work for you. The program is in project mode and I (along with a few others) have been able to see the created files. Here's what happened when I did the exact same things as you:

amasad (1374)

I think this a bug on my end. We're testing out a new IDE. I'll fix it. Thanks

general_poxter (169)

I enjoy this program, so I will give it an upvote

general_poxter (169)


CyanCoding (1378)

@generalpoxter: Haha :) it's fun competing with you.

ashtons (2)

I wanna take a stab at making a program like this.

t_games (2)

This is pretty cool. I can now send illegal messages to my friends.

CyanCoding (1378)

@tgames: Don't get into too much trouble ;)

TheCoiledViper (35)

Could You Please Check Out My Coding Project - Prime Number Generator

argthe1st (75)

@thecoiledviper: Great program, but you should try doing somthing a little more advanced.

TheCoiledViper (35)

@argthe1st: Thanks! I've only been learning for under a year but i'm getting a lot better

Savvy_Langston (0)

Maybe it is because I am beginner, but I found this a little confusing to use, but helpful!

icr0 (11)

@microwither: Mainly because any mono-alphabetic substitution cipher is vulnerable to letter frequency analysis.