Database should be like a CDN
durgaMacrometa (6)

What if you can read & write to your database locally from multiple locations and each location has all the data with various consistency guarantees?

Most of the current generation databases cannot be used like a CDN spread around several regions (10s, 100s) across the globe providing local read-write latencies. CRDTs are a promising technology that can enable this. My guess is in next 2-3 years more companies will build data platforms that leverage CRDTs underneath and build coordination-free systems like Macrometa fast data platform.

You can use the below to see in action where there are reads-n-writes from each region locally and all regions get all the data locally.

I would like to hear your thoughts on what would be a good demo app / killer app for this platform. Any suggestions?


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a5rocks (785)

A cool demo would be something like youtube, which needs to load quickly but also needs to store things.

durgaMacrometa (6)

@a5rocks - Thanks. Doing something like youtube is a pretty demo good idea. I will check out.