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Destroyer of Crapcoins
ajmd17 (25)

A space invaders inspired game written in PyGame. Destroy coins to collect BTC and move to the next level. Don't destroy Bitcoins or let the "sour" coins get away - they will make you lose a life!

This game was made by brothers Andrew and Ethan MacDonald.

  • Programming by Andrew and Ethan
  • Pixel art and font designed by Ethan
  • Coin logos from

Our GitHub Profiles

We both hope you enjoy this game!

NOTE: VERSION 2.0 - Rewritten in JS+HTML

Rewrote the game in HTML5+JS to get around some performance issues (input lag) and to get sounds working. Also made a few changes. Now the laser is more powerful while the ship is boosting.

katyadee (1200)

This IS really fun.

ajmd17 (25)

@KatyaDelaney Thanks Katya! How many levels were you able to complete? Personally I have a hard time getting past #5...

ajmd17 (25)

@amasad Thanks! @emd22 is my brother who helped work on it with me. :)

joshwood (116)

I like this! The art/menu is polished.

mkhoi (286)

Really hard but still doesnt get "sour"

ajmd17 (25)

@mkhoi No one said it was easy to stack satoshis!

macdaddy1221 (1)

Little laggy but love it especially the art

ajmd17 (25)

I rewrote the game in JS+HTML. Edited the description to include explanation.
Link here:

kamalhasan (5)

you cant see any thing

ajmd17 (25)

@kamalhasan Do you mean everything is small and hard to see? You might have to resize the screen, see the comment I left below.

kamalhasan (5)

it wont' let me

did you check out mine

its called tic tac toe

GameMaster1928 (42)

This is really hard (and laggy for some reason, that's probably just my computer).
I also made a space-themed game! It's at

ajmd17 (25)

Drag the splitters to make the game take up the full possible space, otherwise the text is kind of hard to read!