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Dice game
suryan1234 (44)

Hey! I'm back with my second project: The Dice Game! I would really like it if you guys gave me feeback on how I would impove.

JeevanJoyal (3)

really good game bro , i enjoyed it. but im nood i scored 0 lol


Cool game, I love the beginning graphic.

VulcanWM (1995)

I helped in the beginning graphics @GoofyGus


Nice, there really cool @VulcanWM


Your welcome @VulcanWM

CodingRobot12 (189)

also @suryan1234, do you want me to add this to my upcoming search engine?

lonewol7f (0)

I improved your program a bit. See and review.

Rockroyal (0)

This is a cool project, your coding is quite efficient as well! However, I think you could improve by making the dice rolls do something, like move a character.


i think you should be a bit more specific which number you choose, i liked your game title picture of a dice

VulcanWM (1995)

I worked on the dice animation. Thanks! @DSASIDDHI

AnshPandya (4)

you can give an option to play again once the five tries are over without starting the script again

avsnghgit (0)

i think it should tell the user to input again when he inputs a number other than 1-6. maybe if else statement will do.

WoozyDragon4018 (1)

Nice game! I managed to score 1

aruba (7)

Suryan! what a fun game, you inspired me to write one too,
thank you for the inspiration!

suryan1234 (44)

@aruba i do really like like your code