Digit Draw: Neural Network Digit Recognition
MrEconomical (2191)

Neural Network Recognition

Digit Draw is a program to recognize 28x28 pixel hand-drawn digits. It uses a neural network made with brain.js trained on MNIST data (a database of hand-drawn digits). It takes in an array of 28x28 for the darkness of each pixel and outputs an array of length 10 of the certainty for each digit. The neural network works fairly well and is able to predict the digit most of the time.


Input Size: 784
Hidden Layers: 1
Hidden Layer Neurons: 392
Activation Function: Sigmoid
Output Size: 10


brain.js - https://github.com/BrainJS
MNIST - http://yann.lecun.com/exdb/mnist/

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AdCharity (1307)

@MrEconomical ah >:l
btw that is a mad face. Btw if I normalized base64 images (like if one was longer than the other and cut of the ends) then would it work? Brain.js can accept strings extremely quickly if you encode the data.... mmm