ShadedFlame (23)

Formerly broken. Thanks to a bunch of helpful users its up and running!

Timmy is a simple response program. Just for fun...

Thanks to: Thehappysquid, SotoAyam, LOLinteresting, and others.

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LOLInteresting (8)

Do you have repl.it discord? I can explain more there, but first of all, let me just fix the problem you are asking about: (I am rusty at Python now, so if I made any mistakes, please correct me)

if v == 'what should I say':
pz = ('Who are you?,Who made you?')
As user treeplate pointed out, you are basically running a lot of if loop at the same time, remember to change them to elif, and also, notice the fact that you have lined up your entire if statements with the define main(). Line them up buddy.

To see how it should work out, look at my forked version: