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Doctor AI (Dumb Verison)
GrantKeo (81)

Alpha Version of Doc AI. Give me some time, and I might try to make a working Doctor AI. Or a website version of this... thing.

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EllaFan (2)

This is amazing, but I was wondering if the question were supposed to repeat. Also I got:
Cholera: 95%
: 3%
Flesh Eating: 3%
(a bill of $700)
Should the second infection say something, or is it a possibility for having no disease?

GrantKeo (81)

@EllaFan Yah, I did that on purpose. (The repetition, not the blank virus. Actually, that is a good name for a virus.)

C00lguy975 (15)

Cholera: 62% Chance
Bad Fart Syndrome: 30% Chance
Cheese Deficiency: 8% Chance

ebest (624)

1) Excessive Cheese: 76% chance
2) Trojan Horse: 12% chance
3) Gold Feverqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm-itis: 12% chance

uh WAT


GrantKeo (81)

@AppliDev Thanks! What can I do to improve it?

PDanielY (976)

@GrantKeo Maybe, ask more questions to improve its accuracy.

GrantKeo (81)

@GrantKeo Finished! Try again soon.