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need I say more?
DISCLAIMER: It's a pain to log in and it's essentially unplayable due to the controls not working, but it actually runs ok on minimum settings. Hopefully future updates to the gfx here will allow it to work properly :))

EDIT: Yes, I know that shift doesn't work, and that you can't copy and paste your email in. Maybe try forking?

EDIT EDIT: it's for servers now cuz i accidentally redid the entire thing without forking
the original is here: https://repl.it/@SPQR/Minecraft

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duck132912 (176)

Does this actually run minecraft?

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@duck132912 it used to, but i broke it :P

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@duck132912 I can if you'd like, but don't get the idea that you'll be playing Minecraft on repl.it anytime soon. Due to the interface between the browser and repl.it servers, the game is entirely unplayable (the mouse doesn't act like it should, it's like playing PC minecraft with a touchscreen if you've ever done that.)

But I'm a nice guy if you really want to see it for yourself i can do it. :)

duck132912 (176)

@SPQR oh that bug, so the mouse pointer does not lock?

SPQR (524)

@duck132912 Nope. Unfortunately I don't think there's any way to make it lock, because I don't think webpages are capable of capturing the mouse like that

Vurce (0)

@SPQR please fix it! I would love to try it even if it doesnt properly work!