Bookie0 (1524)

Hello everyone!

This is a cool game called BorderZ made in a collab.


You are the manager at Calypson South Border, and you get to decide who can come into the Utopian City of Calypso based on factors like statements, age, items, and personality.


Pretty straightforward; follow the instructions. And in the start read them carefully.


For first timers, for the text speed i recommend fast, but if you are experienced with this, then you can use no delay.

This is one of my first big games with collab, and I hope y’all enjoy it.

Tips, comments, suggestions, all are welcome!

Please note there might be bugs or not very coherent things, so please tell us in the comments.

And as usually, Upvoting is Caring!!! 😊 😃 🙏


Many many thanks to all those who helped me: @Zuhdi28 @AmazingMech2418 @greninja168 @Blackout4344 and of course @BobTheTomatoPie who helped me a lot!

Have a wonderful day!

Also the funniest comment on my True_False Calculator is..........
@Warhawk947 !!!!

Edit: thx for the 32 upvotes! XD

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stubaduble (10)

Does this just go on infinity?
it is pretty great!

stubaduble (10)

but then what is the defence for?

Bookie0 (1524)

The defense is for the feral ghouls that attack once in a while. Their attack is random, so you might not be getting them. @stubaduble

Bookie0 (1524)

Thanks! Unfortunately, yes it goes to infinity; there isn’t a win condition @stubaduble

stubaduble (10)

ahh, okay, thenkyou @Bookie0
i must have just been extremly lucky ,as i got to round 25 without getting attacked once!

stubaduble (10)

now what does the chaos do? @Bookie0
i tried my absoulte best to keep that on 0 just in case it meant somthing, i am still not sure though if it means anyhting though..

Bookie0 (1524)

Yeah, there was the rules to explain that tho. Chaos is added by bad personalities, and bad statements. If you get 15 chaos, game over. Also good weapons and good personalities lower chaos. @stubaduble