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Don't hit 13!
JimBob5 (172)

In don't hit 13 you are aiming to reduce your opponents health to 0. You do this by rolling and atttempting to stop just before reaching 12, similarly to blackjack. You will then deal or take damage equal to the difference in scores.

Very basic version of Don't hit 13. I will be adding many more features such as two player mode and cards with their own affects.

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LilJapKid (5)

Good game but continues when a player has already won. Idk put like a play again function?

KobeFF (376)

Cool! not in a bad way, but when you hit 2, and error pops up you should fix it. but cool! :D

Spaces23 (1)

I think you should have a part where if you insert something that isn’t in the code like an if else or something that when you accidentally hit a key it says you can’t do that, and it could either go back to where you were or you just held.

tyolmedo (2)

ModuleNotFoundError: No Module named 'replit'
please fix this

lanlan20 (0)

A good game like no other

wyattroberts (0)

its fun but it has some gamble luck to it

ipastrano (239)

Can you make it so that I can keep rolling after the computer has stopped? Thanks!

Lknight (0)

You should make it so that you cannot see your opponents gauge so that there is strategy involved.

jamotheprocoder (0)

Pretty good game but change the part where a player can win or lose
( Change the < to a <= otherwise the health gets to zero and it carries on)

PatMorrison (4)

Doesn't even work. Please make a real game

jamotheprocoder (0)

@PatMorrison It does he just needs to change a < to a <=

TurtleAndrew (45)

hit 13, 13 up votes.

RohilPatel (799)

Lol, this post is about to hit 13!