Doubloons! - Tycoon Game
ianjconnaughton (43)


Hello! I've been working night and day on this project, and I've had a couple of people play it to see if it works, and they thought it was really fun then started playing it on there free time. Here is the link!


This was a solo project and I feel pretty proud of myself too :)

What it's about

In Doubloons, the whole goal is to earn as much money as possible, with multiple ways to earn it. You collect your money in paychecks, but you only get 20,000 paychecks until you go out of business. Eventually, you can get a second business that you don't loose paychecks in, and you don't make money from it either. You make Doubloons! Doubloons can buy special buildings, and redeem them for different perks.

If for some reason this link doesn't show the fullscreen mode, just know this game is MUCH better played in fullscreen mode.


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timmy_i_chen (946)

Nice game! Wish it told us how much things cost though :(

ianjconnaughton (43)

@timmy_i_chen if you go to help, it should say something at the bottom that if you type in “price”, it will show you all the prices

timmy_i_chen (946)

@ianjconnaughton oh sweet, thanks! fast response too :D