Swirl Sketch!
elipie (93)

I am proud to announce: Swirl Sketch!, a sketch pad for Spirals, 3d, and regular drawing!


B : Blue
A : Red
S : White
D : Green
W : No outline(regular drawing)
P : Purple
O : Orange
E : Eraser
Z : Outline giver (when you press w it takes away the outline, This key gives it back!)

And much more soon :D

What you can do with it:

You can make 3d drawings and colorful things!


@DynamicSquid for inspiring me to do my own java processing stuff
@Coder100 for always answering my questions
@adsarebbbad and @RayhanADev For helping me with my questions
And yeah
Originally i was just messing around with Java Processing, then I had a bug and it made a 3d sketch! I added some stuff (with the help of some people) and boom I have this.

Comment what I should make next, whether it be a tutorial, or it be a post, I am always open to suggestions. :D

Tip: The slower you go the more fine the outline is, the faster you go the farther apart the circles are.

How to set it up! Click the screen then press s if you want it to go back to normal, I suggest opening in a new tab.

Upvote if you want but you dont have too

Suggestions in the comments please :D

Edit: also big thank you to @theangryepicbanana for the great template :D

Update 0.0.4 Added an eraser and outline give-backer!

Update 0.0.5 Added different bg and Controls on the bottom!

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RayhanADev (338)

Dude nice program! Creative use of Java Processing. Upvoted!

I would suggest changing the stroke color to be a darker shade of the current color, and maybe that might look more streamlined. Or you could make a rainbow mode where the color gradually changes in rainbows! I think it would also be a rad tutorial!

Also, what did I even help with xD. It was practically @adsarebbbad lol.

elipie (93)

@RayhanADev thanks for the suggestions!

Well you were really nice to me and you practically said the same thing as @adsarebbbad so ...

elipie (93)

@RayhanADev im not that good at java processing yet, but I will try to implement your suggestions!

RayhanADev (338)

@elipie kewl! Keep trying at Java Processing, you will get really good soon, I haven’t a doubt 😋

elipie (93)

thanks! You are so kind! @RayhanADev

elipie (93)


Changing the stroke color

hmm wdym by stroke color

RayhanADev (338)

@elipie Stroke = Outline. It’s typically the name used in most programming languages for the outline of a shape.

elipie (93)

@RayhanADev oh but it the stroke is black...

RayhanADev (338)

@elipie Yep! My suggestion is to change the stroke color using stroke(); so that it is a darker shade of your current color.

elipie (93)

@RayhanADev hmm, good idea, ill try implementing your ideas soon I am in virtual school rn actually lol

elipie (93)

@RayhanADev okay i dont think im going to add the stroke thing, because it kinda takes away the 3d, and i will try to add the rainbow thing

RayhanADev (338)

@elipie It does? Huh well it’s your choice! Probably for the better xD.

elipie (93)

@RayhanADev yeah, sorry, i really like having suggestions, just it kinda ruins it, sorry if i hurt your feelings, lol.

RayhanADev (338)

@elipie m8, it takes a whole lot more to hurt my feelings xD. Also dude it’s your program, I just had a random idea lmao.

elipie (93)

@RayhanADev lmao okay also im just gonna add more colors, not the rainbow, cause it causes the program to error, srry lol. Ill add them when I get better xD

RayhanADev (338)

@elipie Haha wow, ok well that’s cool.

elipie (93)

@RayhanADev yeah im not that good yet, but I did add more colors!