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Dungeon Rougelike

This is a dungeon rougelike, made by me and @Kai_Justice . Its a dungeon game, in which it lasts forever. Have fun, forgot to post for like a month

█: wall. You can walk through them sometimes,
e: an enemy,
r: runes. Ignore them
c: chests. Some are mimics, and will damage you. Most of the time they will just give health and attack power 
PantheraLeo04 (1)

Sometimes you can walk through walls and sometimes you can't. Also a key saying what each symbol meant would be nice.


@PantheraLeo04 Thats a function. You have the ability to walk through 1 wall per level.
Every time you dont walk through a wall per level, you can walk an extra time. The number can increase

Thecrowbar1234 (146)

@TaylorLiang Hey, I have a battle function that is pretty cool. Instead of walking into enemies and they die but you lose some amount of health, they could make decisions on how to fight them.
heres a project with the function. Go into the file.
ignore the other stuff.
edit: Sorry, I have a better version of it, ill give it to you later.