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Dynamic C# JSON Parsing Library
CSharpIsGud (646)

This is a wrapper over my original JSON parser. It makes it incredibly easy to use and you could even say it gets close to how you would use it in a truly dynamic language.


dynamic root = Json2.Parse("{ \"Object\": { \"Value\": \"Hello World!\" } }");


This just goes to show how amazing reflection is!

xxpertHacker (557)



TheForArkLD (734)

I think

CSharpIsGud and C# is god

DynamicSquid (4400)

Did someone say DYNAMIC?

Wait, C# has a keyword called "dynamic" wha-

CSharpIsGud (646)

@DynamicSquid Yeah, it kind of ruins the point of static typing but its there

SixBeeps (3221)

using System.Reflection.Emit;

I smell a

b y t e c o d e