Squid Clicker
DynamicSquid (3223)

So following the trend, @CodingCactus, @Coder100, @BobTheTomatoPie, @johnstev, and many more, here's my very own Squid Clicker!

It's algorithm is based off directly from Cookie Clicker.

Enjoy :)

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Miner36 (17)

@DynamicSquid I have made a hack
Step one. Open the js console
Step two. Paste in there second = 1000
Step three. FREE CLICKS! And Pls give me cycles

DynamicSquid (3223)

@Miner36 lol! And Pls give me cycles

Viper2211 (76)

@DynamicSquid Another hack!!!!
Try pasting this into the console:

function hack(){squids = 2;second=2;click=2;setInterval(()=>{squids*=squids;second*=second;click*=click},1)};hack()

This basically sets everything to infinity.
And pls give me cycles too

firefish (408)

@Miner36 Try hacking the firefish clicker? It's only 16 lies of code, surely you can find a hack

Miner36 (17)

@johnstev111 i hacked it in 30 seconds! if you put in total = 100000 in the console it will give you free fish!

LilWolfy (58)

@Miner36 Oh my gosh that is a HUGE number