dupl analytics - a web analytics service!
rafrafraf (1363)

dupl analytics - a fully functional web analytics service (in beta) made here on repl.it!

NOTE: This site is in beta. This means that at the moment it is free to use but we will be adding free and premium subscriptions in the future.


  • Track the page views, visitors, referrers, top pages, browsers, locations and browsers of users on your website in a clean and easy to understand dashboard!
  • We don't use cookies or collect any personal data. So no cookie banners!
  • We will never sell your data! (looking at you google)
  • A search bar that allows you to find the analytics for any site that we have records of!
  • see the analytics for your site in any date range you like!

What we collect

  • We DO NOT collect or store IP addresses.
  • We do collect and store whether visits are unique.
  • We collect user-agent information, referrers, device dimensions and timestamps.

Documentation and how to use our service will be added soon!

Check out dupl analytics here!

Created by @rafrafraf and @MarcusWeinberger - the @dupl team

(cant share repls made by teams yet so im sharing this redirect lmao)

P.S pls hire us repl lol


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rafrafraf (1363)

@DynamicSquid Were thinking about doing that actually, hopefully it takes off lol