#weekly 13
Coder100 (8733)

Weekly 13

Hello, world! My todo list:

  • Make this post
  • Learn more C++ so I don't have to use C#
  • Build the exe
  • Get Unity on my new computer
  • Install dotnet on my new computer
  • Win the lang jam


This is inspired from npm. I really like how it looks like a "native" command. Also, it uses a file to store items, namely .todof (TODOFile)


Included in the build folder, but:
todo repl
todo add "[text]"
todo rem [index]
todo all


Have a great day!

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EpicGamer007 (594)

@DynamicSquid, lol, I tried js but I am too noob at js to figure out how to make it, I got stuck trying to add buttons inside text areas. lol.