EJS Example
Vandesm14 (2321)

If you guys needed an example of how EJS works and how awesome it is, here you go: https://repl.it/@Vandesm14/EJS-Example

EJS is a server-side rendering library which allows the server to insert data into pages before it sends it off to he client. It works by using special tags documented in the EJS docs. This engine allows you to execute javascript and pass values to the file.

Value insertion

<p>Welcome, <%= user.name %>
let user = { name: "John", points: "1362" };
res.render('public/welcome.ejs', { user });

Executing JS

<% for (let i in posts) { %>
<p class="post"><%= posts[i].title %></p>
<% } %>
let posts = [ { title: "updates v1" }, { title: "updates v2" } ];
res.render('public/welcome.ejs', { posts });

EJS Docs: https://ejs.co/
Express Docs: https://expressjs.com/en/api.html

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MatthewDoan1 (325)

Can you use EJS on the front-end? For example, if I want to open a modal with certain parameters, could I use EJS?

Vandesm14 (2321)

@MatthewDoan1 You can replace the modal values onload, but not while the page is loaded:

<div class="modal">...<p><%= Signup to our newsletter? %></p>...</div>