Cactus Clicker
CodingCactus (2457)

Hi, so i recently asked people to submit suggestions for things that I can code and this was the only suggestion :(

It is a clicker game!

How to play

Click the cactus


  • You can click a cactus
  • Saves your scores and upgrades if you leave or refresh the page
  • 'Collects' cacti when you close the page (depending on your cacti per second)

Have fun

Please tell me how to improve, this is my first time using js, so there is probably something i am doing wrong

Please Please Please give me some more suggestions on more things to code so that I can keep learning this language. Submit your suggestions here

Also, apparently it is pride month, so yeah, I have changed my pfp to one that @Codemonkey51 made :)

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ChezCoder (1455)


Spam click the cacti

setInterval(()=>{document.getElementById("cactus").click() });


Just paste it in console ;)

Change cacti per sec

function changePerSec(amount){localStorage.perSec=amount;window.location.reload();}


changePerSec(1000000) - This will change per sec to 1 million!

Change cacti per click

function changePerClick(amount){localStorage.perClick=amount;window.location.reload();}


changePerClick(1000000) - This will change per click to 1 million!

Change cacti amount

function changeCacti(amount){localStorage.score=amount;window.location.reload();}


changeCacti(1000000) - This will change cacti to 1 million!

All Together

setInterval(()=>{document.getElementById("cactus").click() });function changePerSec(amount){localStorage.perSec=amount;window.location.reload();}function changePerClick(amount){localStorage.perClick=amount;window.location.reload();}function changeCacti(amount){localStorage.score=amount;window.location.reload();}
CodingCactus (2457)

@ChezCoder lol, you ruin it for yourself if you cheat, and if you cheat at a clicker game, it just confirms that yourLife == sad

ChezCoder (1455)

ok @CodingCactus, so you got one thing wrong and one thing right. Wrong: I hack for fun. Right: my life is sad.

awesome10 (197)

@ChezCoder when you do that, its more how quickly can you buy things than how quickly you click the cactus

johnstev111 (231)

@ChezCoder All I do is constantly run a 50,000 iteration for loop containing just document.getElementById("cactus").click() and then buy upgardes