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Ed's and H's Birthday!!! 🎉
lilykhan (284)

Celebration Time! \(^▽^)/ It's Birthday of our favorite fox @eankeen and big brother @TheDrone7!
This is a gift for them from whole community! yay!!!

Thanks to : @ApoorvSingal, @nithilan4, @k9chelsea2, @bramley and others for making this site!
and thank you all for so lovely messages!! 💖

RayhanADev (1215)

@HahaYes okay okay, how about 3 lines of js that create a server and display a site?

HahaYes (1284)

@RayhanADev also that is the most non-clean code I have ever seen

HahaYes (1284)

@RayhanADev smh C++ rules the world + C

RayhanADev (1215)

@HahaYes yeah, you‘re not wrong there
still won’t make me learn any of the C family

AJDevelopment (119)

@HahaYes i like front end and back end

DynamicSquid (4532)

@RayhanADev ew no low level dev is the best

programmeruser (365)

@DynamicSquid no electronics dev is the best

RayhanADev (1215)

@programmeruser no elon musk is the best
wait that’s contrary to what I said above

chillcafe (1)

@RayhanADev that’s a lie, discord.js is the best smh.

lilykhan (284)

whats going on? lol

chillcafe (1)

@RayhanADev what why would you ask that?

RayhanADev (1215)

@chillcafe well you’re upvoting all my posts and now everyone elses as well...

CodeLongAndPros (1535)

Oh oof, I totally forget it was edwins birthday. Why he didn't say…

elipie (323)

Happy b day, yay!

CodeLongAndPros (1535)

Real question:
Is it Edwin, Ed, Eddy, or Eddy Weddy?

HahaYes (1284)

Ah yes happy b-day to H and Edwin very pog

ZDev1 (818)

I prefer making:

app.all('/logout', (req, res) => {
  res.cookie('active-session', '')
  res.cookie('user-id-signed', '')
  res.clearCookie('REPL_AUTH', { domain: "" })