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Egg Boundary - Slope style 3D game [WIREFRAME!]
tussiez (733)

Egg Boundary!

The name means nothing lol
Anyways, Egg Boundary is the first 3D game I've ever written. The goal of the game is to avoid obstacles as long as you can, and get the highest score!

Update 1/6/2021

To help keep you from accidentally crashing into an obstacle at the end of a powerup's duration, there's now a 6 second timer that shows up and follows the object when a powerup is activated.

Also, I've finished implementing the wireframe mode!! Press "Super Wireframe" in the top right of the screen.

Update 1/5/2021

Due to popular demand, we now have a wireframe feature! Click the checkbox in the top right corner to toggle it.
Some other changes include:

  • Canvas now resizes when window resizes
  • Fixed "Try Again" button!
  • Fixed animation stutter on death
  • Toggle shininess
  • Antialias is on (reduces jagged edges)

How do I play?

You can use the arrow keys to move around. Alternatively, use W/A/S/D.
To jump, press Space.
You start slowly, and the more you press Up/W, the faster you go.
Keep in mind that your speed moving left and right is dependent on your speed! This makes the game harder.


A purple rectangular prism reduces your size for a few seconds, making it easier to avoid obstacles!

Originally, this game was written last year, in January. The idea was to make a game similar to the hugely popular Slope, and for my skill level at that time, this was close enough.
Later on in 2020, I did a lot of code cleanup, bug fixes, improvements to movement, jumping, and animation, along with a redesign of the game "map". This made the game a bit more fun (and a lot more playable).


Three.js has been updated a lot since I wrote this game, and so, unfortunately, there may be some bugs that shouldn't be there.
Written in JavaScript w/ Three.js

I accidentally posted this in templates, so I moved it here.

Super Wireframe

Latest game:

The original:

High Scores

Myztiq is the first to win the game!

@AnshAgarwal1: Also completed
@JacobMcPherson1: 402.1
@daksheshdorala: 385
@codealt1: 286.4
@darkdarcool: 222.9
@tussiez: 207.2
@IntellectualGuy: 151


So let me introduce all you guys my new score -

634 isn't a joke, it's more than just completing.
So here is how you can do that (only for Windows users doesn't work on Mac and Linux)

The first thing is that you should play the game on fullscreen (by F11 key)
Then you should finish the game
after that, u click the "Esc" key, and the score increases

tussiez (733)

@CaptinNeo Dang
Hmm, yeah I’ve never been able to playtest the win screen (haven’t won XD), but yes, theoretically, the alert doesn’t actually stop the game, so pressing OK lets you keep moving.



I just discovered I'm the 3rd person to complete the game @tussiez

Myztiq (13)

@CaptinNeo gg dude sucks that im on chromebook.

tussiez (733)

@Myztiq Rip, I wrote this on chromebook IIRC

TheDragonCode (17)

I mean it's not the best...

TheDragonCode (17)

Nice!!! Definitely deserves more likes!!! Looks like a game from the App Store!!! Keep it up!!!

tussiez (733)

@TheDragonCode Glad to hear you like it! :)

JBloves27 (1504)

Whoa... this is beyond anything ive seen! Nice!

foodandmoarfood (14)

Very hard to beat sometimes
but good game!

Myztiq (13)


Myztiq (13)

@tussiez thanks for this great game imma make sure to keep on playing this is actually one of the most fun games ive played

Noahloader12 (9)

Im surpised you arent getting that much credit this is one of the best games keep up the good work :D :).

Baconman321 (756)

Ur defying the laws of physics by in reverse but going forward wut?

tussiez (733)

Yeah, my original code is.. strange @Baconman321

Myztiq (13)

(maybe its just that im uncultured) but why does EVERYONE on repl use the word pog so much? do yall even know what it means? it means "Play of the game" for your information just its overused.

Myztiq (13)

@tussiez uh just for your information i found two... ways of making the game extremely easy on of them is to cling to the left side as hard as you can. theres just about no obstacles on the side and the ones that are can almost always be jumped over. the second way is to mess with the visuals a bit so everything is very easy to see. by this i mean turn on super wireframe and then turn off the wireframe so its the solid blocks on the wireframe ground.
i was just alerting you to these in case you didnt know. you can fix them or dont (dont do anything to the last one its the only thing that dosent hurt my eyes lol)

tussiez (733)

3. Yes, I know lol

AJDevelopment (124)

how did you come up with the name egg boundary

tussiez (733)

Egg = first thing I thought of

Boundary = Idk, I thought of this when thinking of Slope

JacobMcPherson1 (87)

@JacobMcPherson1 also why is my score slightly higher than the other completed scores

JacobMcPherson1 (87)

@tussiez and if you spam the ok button you can make your score go up a little

Myztiq (13)

@tussiez not to whine or anything, this dosent really matter but other that the super wireframe, my setting dont stick after 1 death. well the boxs say they do but the actual image dosent.this dont matter i just like playing with super wireframe on and the wireframe off for the character and obsticals

tussiez (733)

@Myztiq Yeah that’s weird
I also like Super Wireframe - I’m not super sure why the setting isn’t retained on reload, since it’s an argument in the URL (?basic)

darkdarcool (58)

This is pog, but I think this goes on the leaderboard?

Think I did ok

Myztiq (13)

@AnshAgarwal1 gg man on second place (not to sound toxic) great game right?

Myztiq (13)

hint for everyone who plays this :listen to lo fi music while playing i find it helps alot

Myztiq (13)


tussiez (733)

@Myztiq I mean: "No way!!" as in I thought it would be impossible to finish :) You did it!! Good job

foodandmoarfood (14)

@Myztiq you have the high score AND first to beat the game
insert medal

Myztiq (13)

@foodandmoarfood ah yes but when you think about it in order for me to be the first to beat the game i would have to have th highest score by default

codealt1 (1)

ok put me on the leaderboard

codealt1 (1)

@tussiez ok thanks

I'll be the second to win :)))))

Myztiq (13)

@tussiez great job on this game man you should definatley take away some of those purple bricks theres ALOt of them. maybe add some other powerups or just thing that give points stuff like that

tussiez (733)

@Myztiq Thanks for the feedback, I'll do it today!

Myztiq (13)

@tussiez wow thats determination you really are a nice coder ill make sure to check it out!

Myztiq (13)

i think this is the new world record


Amazing. Really enjoy it. Keep it up!

GabrielWood2 (1)

Great! But maybe you could fix the teleporting, I have repeatedly died because a shape teleported in front of me.

tussiez (733)

@GabrielWood2 Yeah, that's the movement animation. I need to work on that