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Ein (A Copyright-Infringement Free Uno Clone)
minermaniac447 (233)

Literally just multiplayer Uno Ein in the terminal. 2-10 players, same rules as the popular game Uno. You can't really call Uno Ein on other people because it wouldn't work. Currently works best as local multiplayer, though I suspect if you did it in a multiplayer session and made sure people didn't look at terminal during other people's turns it would be fine.

timmy_i_chen (1073)

LMKWYTOTITC = let me know what you think or ___ in the comments?

vat is blank

minermaniac447 (233)

@timmy_i_chen LMKWYTOTITC == Let Me Know What You Think Of This In The Comments
Pretty close though!

timmy_i_chen (1073)

@minermaniac447 Aha, thanks :P can't keep up with current lingo