JavaDB - ReplDB Client for Java!
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Welcome to JavaDB. JavaDB is a ReplDB API for the Java programming language! This helps you create databases for your Java repls!


To set up JavaDB in your repl, just copy all of the files in the JavaDB folder. Also, you should preferably copy to give proper credit, but feel free to rename it. will automatically compile the package, so don't worry about compiling it yourself!


To use JavaDB, you first need to use the following import command:


You also need the following for error catching:


You also need to include in any methods you use JavaDB in throws IOException, MalformedURLException unless you use try...catch.

Then, you need to go to your main method and create your ReplitDBHandler object.

ReplitDBHandler db = new ReplitDBHandler();

You could also specify a URL as a parameter for the constructor.

Now, you can use db to modify your database.

Getting a list of keys

To get a list of keys, you first need to import java.util.ArrayList. Then, you create an ArrayList of strings that is set to db.getKeys(). Then, you can use ArrayList methods to use this data. You could also just directly print the value as is done in this demo repl.

Getting a key's value

To get a key's value, you simply use db.getKey("yourkey"). The key must be present in the database or an error will be thrown. The key name, however, can include any unicode characters.

Setting a key's value

To set a key's value, you simply use db.setKey("yourkey", "yourvalue"). If the key does not exist, this will create it. The key name and value can contain any unicode characters you wish.

Deleting a key

To delete a key, you simply use db.deleteKey("yourkey"). Like with getting a key's value, the key must already be in the database.


Thank you @EpicGamer007 and @amaddentcsec for inspiring this with your own ReplDB client and JavaSocial respectively!

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AmazingMech2418 (910)

@EpicGamer007 Thank you! Though, what kinds of features exactly? LOL! Does yours have like a quasi-SQL or JSON system?