100 Dumb Ways To Error
Coder100 (6509)


I'm SURE you have NOT made these errors before!

As the name suggests, I have small brianed and made ERROR in many languages. These include

  • HTML
  • Node.js
  • Python
  • Raku (Perl6)
  • Ruby
  • Bash
  • C
  • C++
  • C#
  • XML
  • Txt
  • PHP
  • CSS
  • DOM JavaScript
  • React (maybe)

So these languages are basically all that I can code in.


See if you can figure out where each error occurred (rewards may come)
Also, confirm that there is a react error


This took me literally 4 hours to make and was very hard to do because it is quite painful to make coding errors that you know are going to error.

"\e or \033 in bad languages" ~ TAEB

"the first 100[+1]-file no dependency repl coming to stores near you" ~ AdCharity

"... This resembles my repl "ultimate dumb things to do" ..." true statement ~ Bookie0


All errors are responsibly small-brained.

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AmazingMech2418 (840)

Error 1: Apostrophe in single-quote string
Error 2: Error in catch statement
Error 3: Incorrect comment syntax for Python
Error 4: Should be True, not true
Error 5: Semicolons in incorrect places
Error 6: Opening tag started with less than sign, causing "HTML", the closing p tag, and the entire div tag to not render.
Error 7: async function joe() {} or joe = async ()=>{} or joe = async function(){} should be used
Error 8: console.log is JavaScript, not Python.
Error 9: No command node.js; use node instead.
Error 10: Double quotes should be used instead of single quotes in JSON.
Error 11: No error that I know of. I just tested it in a SQLite repl.
Error 12: Should be true instead of True.
Error 13: Text files don't run.
Error 14: import {Os} from "./os.js" or import "./os.js" should be used.
Error 15: Use require in Node. Also, see error 14.
Error 16: Usage of curly brackets in Python if statement and use of true instead of True.
Error 17: Redeclaration of variable a as a function. Set variable to anonymous function instead (such as a = ()=>{console.log("hi")}).
Error 18: Functions not allowed in JSON.
Error 19: Usage of class Animal before declaration.
Error 20: Memory overload.
Error 21: Function declared as turnary and called as ternary.
Error 22: Direct assignment to variable declared with const which is relatively immutable.
Error 23: Setting array to spliced value. Splice function returns deleted values.
Error 24: prompt is not defined in most Node environments. Use the readline module instead.
Error 25: No error. However, it is best to use a list rather than a set in most array usages in Python.
Error 26: Defines fs as argument, but calls without argument.
Error 27: Produces char[] array (use single quotes for char) instead of expected int array.
Error 28: console.log is JavaScript, not Java. Use System.out.println instead. Also, JAVA IS NOT JAVASCRIPT!!!
Error 29: Closing tag of iframe required (can be a hybrid open/close tag using <iframe/>). Content will only show if error occurs in iframe.
Error 30: Should be overflow: hidden. none is an invalid option for the overflow property, so it does nothing in the code.
Error 31: No yadda and yodda tags in HTML. Change file to index.xml or make this valid HTML.
Error 32: Sets page HTML to input in textbox. Also, it is recommended to use a closing tag as well. This will throw an error in XHTML.
Error 33: object["name"] should be used instead. Python dictionaries do not use keys as properties and require the usage of brackets in retrieving the value of a key in the dictionary.
Error 34: std::cout is C++, not C#. Additionally, no main class is used and a "#" is used in importing System. This is essentially a C++ program with a .cs file extension and an incorrect import attempt using the using keyword which is only in C# and a capitalized function name which should be lowercase.
Error 35: int function never returns an int. Additionally, function should be lowercase.
Error 36: Missing semicolon after System
Error 37: Terminal flickers and closes because the Console.WriteLine is not a continuous function. Try adding a while loop or time delay to keep terminal open.
Error 38: Use puts, not put.
Error 39: Python code used in Ruby file.
Error 40: Use gets instead of input. Also, you must use puts to display the prompt.
Error 41: No program, just random words.
Error 42: Cannot program C++ in Node.js file.
Error 43: gcc and clang++ are C++ compilers. Use those instead. Also, invalid std argument c++0x.
Error 44: No iostream or std::cout in C. Use stdio.h and printf instead.
Error 45: console.log after return.
Error 46: fetch is asynchronous. Use a promise and await to get this to work or use a callback with the console.log function.
Error 47: You must use a promise to use await with a callback already defined.
Error 48: Same as 47, but also fetch is not defined.
Error 49: Empty function in Python. Use pass to avoid error.
Error 50: Not using System.

Next 50 coming soon!

AmazingMech2418 (840)

@Coder100 Also, did you see what I said for error 28? I find it very annoying when people mix up Java and JavaScript...

CodingCactus (3066)

@AmazingMech2418 i believe the saying is:
Java is to JavaScript as, hedge is to hedgehog

AmazingMech2418 (840)

@CodingCactus Never heard that before, but it's great!

firefish (418)

@AmazingMech2418 The only thing they have in common with each other is the name